Rules / Info

Clubs involved

  • The 3 clubs involved are:- South Coast RC, KORT & Plymouth RC
  • Each club has to be BRCA affiliated.
  • Each club has to run digital timing gear, Plymouth RC will help out if required.
  • Each club has to provide a referee to oversee racing at their race meeting.
    • The computer will be set up for the club then the referee runs the day.
  • Each club will provide a representative attending the events at other tracks.
    • If a driver has a problem they go to see their own club representative.
  • Each club are expected (where possible) to provide toilets, food, Saturday practice and camping.
  • A club involved in the series cannot open when SWORDS is at another track in the series.
  • Payment for trophies will be split between the 3 clubs, payment will be due before the last round.


  • Six rounds of SWORDS
  • Race Dates are
    • 8th April – South Coast
    • 6th May – KORT
    • 17th June – Plymouth RC
    • 8th July – South Coast
    • 26th August – KORT
    • 23rd September – Plymouth RC – Trophy Presentation
    • Best 4 rounds to count.
    • A driver must do a minimum of one at each track and a minimum of 4 to get a trophy
    • Drivers, marshals and pit crew have to be BRCA members.
  • Classes raced will be
    •  1/8 nitro buggy
    •  1/8 electric buggy – No Reverse Permitted
    •  Nitro and electric buggies will run together if electric buggy numbers are low, but split into their own finals.
    • Truggies – electric & nitro mixed
    • Other models can be raced, but will not qualify for the SWORDS.
  • A fail safe must be fitted and used
  • No Gyros are permitted, if there is one on board then zero points will be awarded.
  • This is a non-contact sport therefore any aggressive contact will be punished.
  • No Smoking on the marshal points or with in the boundary of the running track area.
  • Mobile phones or similar devices that could distract a marshal may not be used by marshals while a race is in place.
  • Problems/Complaints
    • If you have a problem with another driver please first approach your representative
    • If you have a problem with laps or running of the day please see Race Director
    • Laps missed due to no fault of the timing gear will NOT be reinstated – final result will be as the computer prints results. If laps missed due to timing gear then everyone in that heat will be affected and heat will be re-run, unless a sensible result can be agreed on.
    • Please can any issues be reported by the end of the day before leaving the track so things can be rectified.
    • Any problems not sorted on the day or posted publicly will not be looked into.

Cancellation of an event

  • If an event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a re-scheduled event will be announced.

Practice Days

  • Track will be open from 12.00 till 5.00 on the Saturday
  • No timing gear will be running

Race day

  • Booking in by 9.45
  • Racing starts at 10.00
  • No practice time on the track on the race day
  • First round has 6 minutes track practice leading into the 6 minute qualifiers
  • Every Race will have a minimum of 4 marshals
  • 3 Qualifying Rounds & “A” Final
  • Qualifiers are 6 minutes each.
  • Best 2 out of 3 qualifiers to count towards final position
  • Finals
    • Start of the Finals
      • At 3 Seconds to go all cars to be put down
      • All cars to start with back wheels on track edging 45º to direction of track
  • 1/8th Nitro “A” Finals 22 minutes
  • 1/8th Nitro “B” Finals 16 minutes
  • 1/8th Nitro “C” and Below Finals 13 minutes
  • Truggy “A” Final 15 minutes
  • Electric Buggy 12 minute Finals
  • Double Bump up in the Finals for Nitro buggy
  • Single Bump up for E-Buggy and Truggy
  • Electric Truggies must do at least 1 five second pit stop.


  • Relief marshalling will be used.
  • If a marshal missed the race the results the best qualifier result will be lost. If missing marshalling a final then results from finals will be lost.
  • Marshals will only remove a broken down car to marshal point, it is the pitman’s job to collect it.

Cost of Racing

  • Juniors £4.00 per Saturday Practice
  • Juniors £10.00 per meeting per class
  • Adults £5.00 per Saturday Practice
  • Adults £12.00 per race meeting per class
  • Non-BRCA £6.00 per Saturday Practice
  • Non-BRCA member £14.00 per class
  • Juniors – Under 16 years old
  • Camping – £5 per person.