Booked in

Below is the list for those so far booked in for Round 6 of SWORDS 2017 at Swindon RC

Please note this page is manually updated, so you name does not appear straight away.

Electric Buggys Club
Andrius Zilevicius PRC
David Kapp SW
Rob Woodrow SCRC
Lyndon Hamer PRC
Paul Sayers PRC
Maxim Cook PRC
Jonathan Firmin PRC
Kevin Martindale SCRC
Mark Dicks SW
Marcus Cherry SW
Phil Sawkins SCRC
Nitro Buggy
John Soundy PRC
Paul Bradford SW
Luke Johns PRC
Keith Bright KORT
Peter Swift KORT
Sam Cobley KORT
Dan Clark
Lochan Apps
Matt Roberts PRC
Jack Hawkins
Pete Clarke SCRC
Harry Clarke SCRC
Steve Hamilton SCRC
Zac Smith PRC
Jonathan Firmin PRC
Alex Morton PRC
Dan Tournant SW
John Soundy PRC
Mark Hicks SW
Dan Clark
Tony Scott SCRC
Stu Carmichael SCRC
Andy Tanner SCRC
Richard Bradbury KORT